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TV Writing Intensive with Nat Smith (Closed)

Updated: Jun 16

Photo of Nat Smith

Meeting day: Mondays

Time: 5-8pm (Kenyan time)

Start date: 14th June 2021

10 sessions for 10 weeks

Delivery channel: Online via Zoom

Cost: US$200 or KES 21000 payable in up to 2 installments via PAYPAL, MPESA, WorldRemit and other

Nat Smith's plays include Vessel, Remind Me Why We're Doing This, and Catapult. They have taught playwriting at Horizon Theatre, Arizona Theater Company, and Ohio University, where they completed a Playwriting MFA. They are the recipient of the Roland Wood Fellowship and the Denis Johnston Playwriting Prize, and currently study creative nonfiction at GrubStreet in Boston, MA.

This 10-week intensive focuses on the practice and the business of writing for television. Students will spend the first five weeks writing a “spec script”—a speculative episode meant to fit into an existing show, a common requirement for prospective writers. In the remaining five weeks, you will generate your own pilot. Throughout the course, visiting TV professionals (including Hollywood writers, actors, and agents) provide guidance on navigating networks, writers rooms, submissions, and more. Previous background in creative writing is strongly recommended. Topics covered:

  1. Episode structure

  2. Season structure

  3. Dialogue

  4. Character

  5. Narrative

  6. Continuity

  7. Dramatic tension

  8. Spec script

  9. Pilot script

  10. Pitching

This is a very intensive introductory class involving 2-5 hours per week of viewing and writing assignments. It is most suitable for writers who have time and a strong desire to learn.

Each week, you will be required to write a scene or related assignment; view one or more scenes, episodes, or films; and complete assigned reading.

The class requires active participation and full preparation each week. Assignments will be reviewed and workshopped in class, followed by discussion of the week’s topic, which will draw on the week’s reading and viewing. Nat will provide all the reading material for the class.

Detailed editorial feedback will be also provided to each member of the class individually and in writing.

To apply for this class, you need to provide a 1000-word writing sample (fiction, playwriting, or screenwriting), published or unpublished, by 7th June 2021

To apply for one of the two scholarships available, please also include the following to your application: a 200-word statement on financial need and a 300-word statement reflecting how this class will move you toward your writing goals. Scholarship applications are due on March 31st 2021. Scholarship results will be announced by 7th June 2021.

Things to note

  1. You can pay your fee in two installments. The first one must be made before you attend classes and the second within 30 days.

  2. No refund is possible once you attend the first class.

  3. Check that your internet connection can sustain an online class lasting up to 3 hours.

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